In 2019 an astonishing $1.3 billion was invested in tech companies in Africa, compared to less than $200 million in 2016. With countries like Nigeria and Kenya becoming tech hubs we are seeing developing markets continue the trend of leapfrogging more mature markets in areas like telecommunications and fintech.

Case Study

Working with a venture backed, early stage tech company to build their team across both mid and senior levels. We have executed wide-ranging searches for: COO, Chief Revenue Officer, Head of Expansion, Chief Product Officer, Head of Sales, as well as finding subject matter experts to work on a consultancy basis.

Previous Experience

  1. General Manager
    Retail tech, SSA/India
  2. COO & CCO
    Consumer services platform, Kenya
  3. Africa Sales Director
    Telco network, South Africa
  4. Head of Product
    Clean tech, Kenya
  5. COO
    VC backed developer, EMEA
  6. CTO
    Security tech, Mauritius
  7. CEO
    Telco multinational, South Africa
  8. CFO
    Connectivity infrastructure, SSA
  9. COO
    VC backed Fintech, East Africa
  10. GM
    Insurance tech, Ghana

Areas Covered

  • Clean Tech
  • Fintech
  • IT Services
  • Software & Hardware
  • Telecommunications
Executive Search - Technology